Our community is based on values and our entrepreneurs commit to living these and embedding them in their businesses. 

Entrepreneur's Pledge

As a Transformational business leader, I recognise my purpose is to serve my community and utilise my business to lift people out of poverty and create a better world.

Therefore, using my God-given talents, I promise that:

  • I will lead with humility, integrity and compassion.
  • I will steward my business wisely to create prosperity for present and future generations.
  • I will refrain from corruption, unfair competition, or business practices harmful to society.
  • I will report the performance and risks of my business accurately and honestly.
  • I will take an active role in the flourishing of my employees and the communities in which I operate.
  • I will minimise the environmental footprint of my business and nurture the environment.

I will remain accountable to my peers, this transformational community and to society for my actions and for upholding these standards.

This pledge I make freely, and upon my honor.