The Batam Sewing project is run through Sekolah Misi Bagi Bangsa (MBB) school and works with parents of the school's children. At the project, women learn to sew school uniforms, which are then supplied to MBB and other local schools.

In 2016, planning to launch the project got underway. The Transformational Business Network took on a support and advisory role in the planning and strategy. Funds were raised, meetings were had with interested mothers, dimensions of the work spaces were mapped, sewing machines were bought, and a sewing trainer was hired. After many meetings and trips made by the Singapore team to Batam, the first training session was held on 5th Feb 2017 with the women in the community. The project was a success and has gone from strength to strength. 

In the field of social enterprises, sharing of resources and partnerships between groups of people with different skills but united by the same passion, is essential to effecting real social impact. The case of MBB-initiated sewing project is a perfect example of this. We hope that this project will become a model for creating sustainable livelihood to fight poverty!