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Whilst we’re sure that 99% of TBN membership rides the cutting edge of what the internet has to offer, for the 1% that don’t have the time to be abreast of the ‘social networking’ phenomenon we have put together some useful information that should give you an introduction to the social networking tools we use, some ideas for how to use them and how you can get involved.

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At it’s core, LinkedIn is a professional social network. It connects you to your contacts and colleagues, helping with the exchange of knowledge, ideas and opportunities.

You can add contacts by searching for them on LinkedIn, uploading your address book, or by joining LinkedIn groups where professionals in your field discuss issues and solve problems collaboratively.

Updating your LinkedIn profile with your TBN details can increase your impact through TBN, and your collaboration opportunities with others in the Network. Take 2 minutes and update your profile by following these simple instructions.

Establish your professional profile

LinkedIn gives you the keys to controlling your online identity. Have you Googled yourself lately? You never know what may come up. LinkedIn profiles rise to the top of search results, letting you control the first impression people get when searching for you online.

Update your profile to network in TBN

Updating your LinkedIn profile with your TBN details can increase your impact through TBN, and your collaboration opportunities with others in the Network. Take 2 minutes and update your profile by following these simple instructions.

Find experts and ideas

Sometimes your immediate circle can’t resolve a unique business challenge. Tools like Answers and Groups let you locate and interact with experts through trusted introductions. LinkedIn Search lets you explore the broader network by name, title, company, location, and other keywords that will help you find the knowledge you’re looking for.

Stay in touch with colleagues and friends

In today’s professional world, people change jobs and locations constantly. By connecting on LinkedIn, your address book will never go out of date. Your contacts update their profiles, keeping you current with their latest jobs, projects and contact info. You’ll stay in closer contact with great tools to communicate and collaborate.

Explore opportunities

Whether you’re looking for a career opportunity, winning new clients or building your professional reputation, LinkedIn connects you to jobs, sales leads and ideal business partners. With our powerful search engine, company research tools and a jobs board that shows who you know at listed companies, LinkedIn is the place to turn for new opportunities.

For more information on the basics head to the LinkedIn Learning Centre

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How can TBN use LinkedIn?

As you can see LinkedIn is a useful tool for anyone But what we’re really interested in how TBN members can use social networking to collaborate, discuss and problem solve. The primary tool on LinkedIn are Groups.

The main TBN group

The main TBN LinkedIn group is where the bulk of our online discussion and networking happens. Here you can post questions and updates, start conversations with other members and see what the network is doing. We will also post TBN news and updates to keep you abreast of what’s going on with the network and it’s members so check back here regularly.

In addition, members can post ‘jobs’ on the group. This acts as a useful ‘help-wanted’ tool where members can seek specific skills, resources and people for involvement with projects or ventures. The central TBN will regularly check the jobs wall and will propagate any new posts over our social media networks and website to increase exposure for your request.

Note: please do not post requests for funds, grants or investment as TBN is not a grant-making organization. Requests of these sort will be removed. If you wish to talk with members about an investment opportunity, start a discussion on the main LinkedIn group.

Head over to the main TBN LinkedIn group »

Local groups (TBGs)

TBN has local groups in many parts of the UK and also groups based in the UK but focussing on particular countries. LinkedIn is a great place for TBGs to network, arrange meetings and collaborate on projects or ventures. Having your local group on LinkedIn also makes it possible for potential new members to see what local groups are in existence and active, what their focus is, what events are coming up and provides an easy way into the network.

If you are a group leader we strongly encourage you to migrate your existing LinkedIn group to become a subgroup of the main TBN group, or to create a subgroup for your TBG members. Please talk to us for advice on how to go about doing this.

See TBGs that are already on LinkedIn »


Twitter is a real-time network that connects you to the latest information about subjects and people you care about. Simply find the streams you find the most compelling and follow the conversations. At it’s heart, Twitter is comprised of small burst of information called ‘Tweets’. Tweets are 140-character messages and tweets from users you choose to follow show up on your homepage for you to read. Twitter say “It’s like being delivered a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting”.
Getting started with Twitter involves three things:

  1. Finding sources (other Twitter accounts from people, businesses and organisations) to follow. Click here for more help on this. Tip: try seeing who those you already know or admire are following.
  2. Checking your feed often. Tweets from others will show up in a readable stream on your homepage timeline so you’ll have a page of new information to read each time you log on. You can take Twitter with you by connecting your account to your phone. Read more about going mobile
  3. Start Tweeting! Whilst it’s not essential to ‘tweet’ (authoring your own messages to Twitter) doing so means others are likely to follow you and can start dialogue between you. Retweet messages you’ve enjoyed, or reply with your reaction to a Tween you’ve found interesting. Tip: If you’re a new user, others are more likely to find your messages if they are retweets or replies.

How does TBN use Twitter?

TBN regularly posts tweets on news, updates, opportunities and items of interest. Following TBN will keep you up to date with what the network is doing and ensure you get updates first!

Lookout for the #TBNetwork hashtag and use it when tweeting or retweeting TBN topics. Also, mentioning us @TBNetwork helps increase our visibility on the Twitter network. If you have something you think worth us retweeting be sure let us know through an@TBNetwork mention or by email or phone so more people can hear about what TBN members are doing.

Check out our feed at

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If you want a more detailed LinkedIn guide you can download the Talent Genius’ LinkedIn Guide v4.0 below. Provided with permission by Steve Smithson.

LinkedIn Guide v5.01
LinkedIn Guide v5.01
Talent Genius Ltd Linkedin Guide V5.01.pdf
Version: 5.01

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