Report: Communicating social impact

New Philanthropy Capital this month has published “Principles into practice”, a report on how charities and social enterprises can communicate their impact. It contains useful summaries of information in this space, and insights and viewpoints from various case studies. Well worth a read as grant and investment funding becomes more competitive.

Principles Into Practice
Principles Into Practice
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From web report’s webpage:

Your charity needs to tell a compelling story about what you do to engage supporters and make them passionate about your work. Talking about the impact you make is an essential part of this: in order to win the trust of your stakeholders, you need to tell the real story of what you do and how you do it.

The demands for information placed on charities and social enterprises are increasing from all angles. Funders, supporters, beneficiaries, policy-makers, even the media are keen to know about the difference charities make to their beneficiaries with the money they are given. But communicating impact through reporting can be a challenge: even when we are sure what we are doing is achieving something, proving it can be difficult.

This collection of case studies and insights from across the sector showcases organisations who are leading the way in measuring and talking about the impact of their work. They are the sector’s pioneers, and many have embedded thinking about impact throughout every aspect of their organisation.

The charities and other organisations that have contributed to this publication, including NPC, are passionate about impact, and believe in the need to robustly assess the effectiveness of what charities and social enterprises do, and share the findings. In this way, they can tell a compelling story about why their work is important and how it makes a difference, and by doing so can build trust in and support for their work.

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