Silulo Ulutho Technologies — IT Training

Below is the case study of Silulo IT training in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa.

Project nameSilulo Ulutho Technologies
LocationKhayelitsha, Cape Town
Date case study completedJuly 2013
Contact for more informationLuvuyo Rani
For more information on this project contact the TBN office at
Background, purpose and progress to date
What was the problem / opportunity?Bridging the digital divide (beween wealthly areas of Cape Town and the townships)
What is the Project's vision?Providing information technology solutions to previously disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape Region and beyond it's borders.
How is this vision to be achieved?Silulo Ulutho Technologies vision and driving source are three basic concepts: Technology, Knowledge and Empowerment
What progress has been made to date?Expanded to more areas and reached more people through opening more internet cafes and computer training centres
When will the project be self funding, i.e. cost covered by earned income?Already self funding
What has been the direct and indirect impact of the project to date?Creating internet accessibility, skilling more people in technology, empowering people to experience digital lifestyle
Specifically, how many FTE jobs have been created or sustained? 105 full time staff members currently employed
How much direct and indirect investment has been made to date?Springhill and TBN loan of R500 000. Mentorship and guidance from Relativ
Lessons learned
What lessons have been learned? What do you know now that you wish you knew at the outset?Managing cashflow, proper planning for expansion and strengthening systems and processes
Expansion and replication
What are your plans to expand or replicate the project?Open more internet cafes in the Eastern Cape and Guateng area. Franchising the concept and long term plans to expand our reach to Africa as a whole – we've started to sell the stores to our staff as a way of starting with the franchise.
How many FTE jobs do you expect to have been created or sustained in 3 years?In addition to the 100 that are currently employed we expect to create another 50 each year going forward
What help do you need to achieve your goals?Funding for expansion
Could this project be replicated by others elsewhere? What would be needed to do this?Yes but in depth expertise and knowledge are vital for the business to succeed
Are there documents to aid replication in the TBN resource library?No but can consult with TBN.

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