Basket Making

Below is the description of the basket making project in Uganda.

Project nameGulu Baskets
Date case study completed26/03/2012
Contact for more informationCath Morris

For more information on this project contact the TBN office at
Background, purpose and progress to date
What was the problem / opportunity?Gulu has suffered years of civil war but there has been relative peace since 2007. There is an opportunity for the many displaced people to make a living producing baskets.
This need occurs across Uganda in various ways, people with good skills but limited business and communication skills.
What is the Project's vision?To help artisans in Uganda grow their businesses
To actually progress an artisan into a business person, and create an export company
How is this vision to be achieved?By building a business in England and in Uganda.
Training, capital investment, time spent with people, networking and campaigning on their behalf
What progress has been made to date?Basic ideas, some business systems in England and lots of links and potential in Uganda.
I am introducing a new business idea (running tours and holidays in Uganda) that will enable me to be in Uganda and also generate a small amount of profit to invest into artisans
When will the project be self funding, i.e. cost covered by earned income?Not at the beginning, but intended to be within a set timeline. Could take years, however.
What has been the direct and indirect impact of the project to date?Small, we are working specifically with our first group in northern Uganda to make baskets. We have contacts with other groups that can make small amounts of things, and have made a small difference to Luzira Prison, Kiwoko Hospital and Palenga Day Care Centre
Specifically, how many FTE jobs have been created or sustained? None yet, though we are looking to employ someone within a year
How much direct and indirect investment has been made to date?£1,500 into a visit to Uganda and initial purchases of baskets. Also saved £2500 to put into my tours/holiday business idea.
Lessons learned
What lessons have been learned? What do you know now that you wish you knew at the outset?Biggest lesson is that I have so much to learn. I’m learning to share my vision and get business people on board to help me.
Expansion and replication
What are your plans to expand or replicate the project?I’d like to grow the project to operate sustainability, and try to create something that is enriching to everyone involved and measurable so that experiences can be shared or repeated in some way.
At the moment I’m focussing on the tours, as a means of being in Uganda, indirectly benefiting people and the economy, and generating some extra cash to invest in the people I know so that they can upscale.
How many FTE jobs do you expect to have been created or sustained in 3 years?10
What help do you need to achieve your goals?I need to sell one holiday a month with a minimum of 8 people on it. Two holidays would be amazing.
Could this project be replicated by others elsewhere? What would be needed to do this?I don’t think it could be replicated easily, as I will probably be replicating myself once I get to the point of working with artisans.
Are there documents to aid replication in the TBN Portal Library?No, though I'm looking to use the TBN resources to train the people that make the baskets so they can turn themselves into business people

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