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Below is the case study for the Aid For Trade website.

Project nameAid for Trade
LocationA free global internet resource for high integrity job creation
Date case study completedBased on survey of mission workers in 40 countries confirmed need in 2009
Contact for more informationFor more information on this project contact the TBN office at
Background, purpose and progress to date
What was the problem / opportunity?Need to create jobs/income for the poorest people. The opportunity is to use the rapidly expanding global penetration of the internet to help meet this need.
What is the Project's vision?To help generate income for sustainable poverty reduction in very poor communities through microenterprises (Max £3K start up) with potential to grow and/or replicate
How is this vision to be achieved?By development and promotion of a comprehensive free internet resource
What progress has been made to date?Contacts in 20 countries, projects in 7 countries
When will the project be self funding, i.e. cost covered by earned income?Potentially 2 years, via projects for microscale equipment brokerage, 'Base of Pyramid' product supply (Ex UK) and on line direct trading for third world producers
What has been the direct and indirect impact of the project to date?Christian partners established in seven countries Ð and seven projects plus a school (Pakistan) started, without visiting.
Specifically, how many FTE jobs have been created or sustained? Probably about 50 jobs created so far, plus 100 part time jobs mainly in Albania (Herb cultivation)
How much direct and indirect investment has been made to date?About £20k over three years
Lessons learned
What lessons have been learned? What do you know now that you wish you knew at the outset?Use of the internet is highly cost effective means of serving the poor - with tremendous future potential.
Need for careful discernment and adequate administrative control on any projects to be funded
Expansion and replication
What are your plans to expand or replicate the project?Aid for Trade is a 'one man band', which is limiting expansion. Planning to promote to missions and Christian charities and to identify and profile successful model businesses for replication via our website. Plan also to trial early this year a unique Business in a Box concept for trial in Mozambique
How many FTE jobs do you expect to have been created or sustained in 3 years?About 150 (Full and PT) in seven countries
What help do you need to achieve your goals?There is need for trustees, on line business mentors and research associates - plus of course loan or donation funding support
Could this project be replicated by others elsewhere? What would be needed to do this?The model microbusinesses (Six so far) will be come available for replication via a comprehensive on line profile - may look at ethical microfranchising
Are there documents to aid replication in the TBN resource Library?No, but website content is freely available to anyone

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Aid For Trade UK
Aid For Trade UK
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Below is Aid For Trade’s 2010 annual report and 5-year plan for growth:

Aid For Trade 2010 report and 2011 plan
Aid For Trade 2010 report and 2011 plan
Aid For Trade 2010 report and 2011 plan.doc

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Aid For Trade 5 year plan
Aid For Trade 5 year plan
AFT Schematic Plan.jpg

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