Bio Fuels Farm

Below is the case study for the Jatropha Farm in Central Province, Kenya.

Project nameJatropha Farm
LocationCentral Province - Kenya
Date case study completedDec-10
Contact for more informationGrant Smith
Hand in Hand Trading
For more information on this project contact the TBN office at
Background, purpose and progress to date
What was the problem / opportunity?To purchase 70 acres of semi arid land, plant jatropha (an oil crop) as a pilot to gauge yields, to sell oil as kerosene alternative.
What is the ProjectÍs vision?To encourage local farmers to grow the crop to use or sell as kerosene alternative rather than use firewood.
How is this vision to be achieved?Pilot planted, once yields proven by end of 2012.
What progress has been made to date?70 acres purchased, 24 acres plough and planted, growing well. Further acreage currently being planted currently (Dec 09)
When will the project be self funding, i.e. cost covered by earned income?Once the yields are confirmed.
What has been the direct and indirect impact of the project to date?70 acres of land planted, giving environmental benefit. Employment of 5-10 full time workers. Raising awareness of Jatropha in Kenya.
Specifically, how many FTE jobs have been created or sustained? 5-10 full time workers
How much direct and indirect investment has been made to date?Investment in land, seed, seedlings, accommodation for workers, on going maintenance and care for the crop.
Lessons learned
What lessons have been learned? What do you know now that you wish you knew at the outset?We have learned that plant grows better if land is ploughed first. The pilot has acreages planted at different spacingÍs to monitor crop growth and yield differentiations.
Expansion and replication
What are your plans to expand or replicate the project?Once the yields are proven we plant o extend to 2000 acres to provide kerosene alternative to sell through our network to local market.
How many FTE jobs do you expect to have been created or sustained in 3 years?50
What help do you need to achieve your goals?We need investment to finace running costs of the farm to the end of the pilot.
Could this project be replicated by others elsewhere? What would be needed to do this?Yes. Land, knowledge gained from the pilot, semi arid land, a local market to sell the jatropha oil into; would be needed.
Are there documents to aid replication in the TBN Portal Library?No

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Jatropha farm - Kenya
Jatropha farm – Kenya
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