spent most of her career working as a successful banker. And when she retired, she was asked to help a friend to run a struggling hospital. Through her passionate, dedicated and diligent approach, she ran this for nine years and turned it around, transforming it into a profitable hospital. While working there, she was moved by the number of people who were referred to her hospital from the Sinai slum having not received good quality service. She saw that the need was great and decided to start a clinic in the Sinai slum. Since she started the clinic in 2013, she has seen demand soar, she now serves a population of more than 100,000 people and sees 1,500 people a month with her team of 7 medical practitioners. She works with community health volunteers to mobilize people to come to the clinic. One of their biggest services is wellness checks and maternal care such as maternity, pre and ante-natal checks.

She has faced many challenges including retaining staff to work in such a difficult area but has found innovative ways of bringing people into her clinic such as providing tea to mothers. This may seem simple but for many it was a way of going the extra mile to care for the ladies and has really connected the clinic to the community on a deeper level. 

She has created a welcoming atmosphere and a clinic of affordable yet consistently high quality service. 

She joined the TBN Scale for Success programme in 2017 and says that the programme 'has opened a whole new world for me. I am now more motivated to create more impact to the community that we serve. With [TBN's] support, we will be able to see a better world. I now have a strong and well aligned team. We have been able to do a research to enable us make an informed decision on our next move'.

The demand for the clinic's services has grown and Josephine is now working towards opening a new facility in the same area in order to serve more people. She is in talks with investors and all who have had the privilege of working with her as she grows and scales her business have been impressed with her passion, her drive and her dedication to and love for the people that she serves. We know that her work will go from success to success and we wish her all the best'.