We recently became aware of Ultramo-Engines, a new type of engine boasting some impressive efficiency figures. This is what Ultramo said:

“ULTRaMo has achieved with the internal combustion engine what many engineers had deemed impossible; reaching 60% thermal efficiency and halving carbon emissions. Given the enormous market for IC technology, ULTRaMo’s engine isn’t just changing the industry, it has the potential to change the world.

For countries in poverty, access to mains power can be difficult because of the huge investment that’s needed to build the supporting infrastructure. However, unlike more developed nations the opportunity for poorer countries is to ‘leapfrog’ over central, energy generating power stations and go straight to distributed power as it doesn’t require huge investment to set up.

Enabling distributed power through technology such as ULTRaMo’s engine means it can be implemented quicker, is cheaper, and offers a low-tech solution. This means it can be built by people who live in the local communities, which will boost jobs and income for the local economy. Furthermore, ULTRaMo’s engine is a more versatile solution as it can be run on multiple fuels.”

Read more at http://www.ultramo-engines.com/

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