TBN Partner project in Kenya needs your expertise



TBN Partner Louis Lee is helping to support a new company in Nairobi, Kenya called Afrisol. It’s a bio-gas company that helps small to medium-sized organisations (such as SMEs, schools, etc.) to install biogas facilities to create energy from bio-waste from domestic cattle herds.

Louis is part of the L16 fund which has already invested in Afrisol and have helped them source biogas appliances from China.

Louis is looking for:

  1. Connections to charitable groups or TBN-style enterprises that could benefit from Afrisol’s appliances. If you or your colleagues are involved with a project that could use this please get in touch.
  2. Advise and expertise around importing goods.Importing biogas appliances has been successful for Afrisol but they’ve had bad experiences with dealing with freight companies in Kenya, so they’re looking for help establishing reliable shipping from China. Do you have connections or experience that could help here?
  3. Access to an SME loan fund in Kenya to help Afrisol grow faster than it currently can. If you have connections or knowledge of anyone we could connect Louis to please let us know.

If you can help with any of the points above, or would like to connect with Louis for more information on the project, please get in touch on [email protected].

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