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The deadline for this opportunity has now passed – please don’t submit any more applications. We’ll bring you updates on their progress and further opportunities in the future.

GP Update – a successful small private company that trains over 6,000 doctors each year – has begun to develop a social enterprise to make a difference using GP Update resources and skills outside the UK. They’re aiming to improve primary healthcare, starting with a clear focus on Non-Communicable Diseases. That means especially high blood pressure, heart and lung diseases, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and mental health conditions. Tackling these will require some basics done well, plus some real innovation in the way healthcare is delivered. and blended with health promotion.

They have been receiving offers and suggestions of pilot projects that would fit this mandate, and now need to hire a 14hr/week project coordinator to arrange meetings, liaise with potential international projects, and maintain essential records. If you know anyone who you think would be suitable for the role please let us know and we’ll introduce you to GP Update.

More details on the role are available in the full job description below:

Int. Project Coordinator job description
Int. Project Coordinator job description
International Project Coordinator job description.pdf
Version: Gp Update

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Summary: This will be a part-­time (14h/week) temporary employed contract, reporting to the start-­‐up director. You will work flexibly from home, with a requirement for occasional meetings in Oxford or Reading. Most of the work can be done via email, phone and Skype. The salary will be £25-‐28k with 22 days’ paid holiday (full­time equivalent, pro­‐rata). The initial role will be for six months, after which the situation of the new venture its staff and volunteers will be assessed and fresh plans laid for 2014.

More details on GP Update International, the social enterprise behind this initiative:

GP Update International summary
GP Update International summary
GP Update International summary.pdf

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