Partnership to Develop Ventures in Zambia



Martin Zuch, of Rivendell Enterprises and GiveHope International, is “looking for a for-profit company to partner with, in part to qualify for a grant, in order to further develop two exciting and fast growing existing ventures in beekeeping and fish farming in Zambia and elsewhere. There is a promising opportunity that we might get match-funding from the Dutch government through the Private Sector Initiative (PSI) to help us boost the capacity of Rivendell Enterprises, our partner in Zambia, to scale up the beekeeping operation so it benefits up to 2,400 households over a period of four years.

Unfortunately, the application is not open for NGOs but for for-profit companies. We are, therefore, looking for an interested UK/European company with track record of two years and expertise related to agriculture, apiculture, etc to make the application on our behalf and work with Rivendell Enterprises, our Zambian partner.”

Contact Martin Zuch on [email protected] if you are interested in a partnership.

View the formal Invitation for Partnership

Invitation for Partnership
Invitation for Partnership
Give Hope – Invitation for partnership.pdf

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Read more about Rivendell Enterprises

Rivendell Enterprises summary
Rivendell Enterprises summary
Rivendell Enterprises summary.pdf

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Give Hope International

Give Hope Trust is a registered UK charity providing free education, nutritional support, school uniforms, stationary, healthcare support and Christian education to over 450 orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia. Registered UK charity number 1122867 (view their page on the UK Charity Commission website)

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