Project update: Trihealth Community Healthcare Management



Contact Information:
Martin Morse
[email protected]
+44 (0) 7747 828774

TBN Partner Martin Morse is looking for investors to take the exciting REACH rural health care pilot project to the next stage. He writes:

“The REACH pilot programme (Responsible, Empowering, Accessible Community Healthcare) set out to explore how healthcare could be delivered sustainably to poor rural communities in India.

Based on valuable lessons learned through the REACH pilot, we now want to take healthcare provision to the next level through the creation of an innovative model of healthcare financing and delivery for low-income families, capable of being replicated in a range of regional settings. It will be the first of its kind anywhere in developing countries and emerging economies, addressing a major gap in the health market.

The model is based on a shared-care membership structure similar in principle to a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) model, where one organization is paid a fee by the subscriber in exchange for health services through the participating network of health providers. A Health Management Company will be set up to design and manage the model. It will establish a network of healthcare providers who agree to provide services to members according to agreed low-cost medical protocols created by the project to ensure affordable, quality and comprehensive care. Membership enrollment strategies, aside from professional marketing approaches, will leverage partner community organizations infrastructure and membership base. Community partnerships will also offer a space for innovative strategies for preventive healthcare and opportunities for health technology. The project’s pivotal integrated IT platform will facilitate paper-less, cash-less transactions reducing costs and error rates and will gather and analyze valuable membership data to design more accurate health plans and target customers more effectively.

The project is currently at the design and preparation stage, and we are therefore seeking initial seed funding (approx £70k) to support the design and development of the critical project components, such as clinical protocol development, preventative & wellness programmes, and IT platform structure design.

If you would like to consider a strong social impact and investment opportunity, contact me at [email protected] or on +44 (0) 7747 828774 for further information.”

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