Invest for development in Kosova



TBN Partners Ian MacCorkell, Luca Bosatta, Norman Fraser & Malcolm Johnston have many years of experience in Eastern Europe involved with business, social and evangelistic programmes across many nations. These countries include Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia & Kosovo.

They have now come together with others to form Angello Capital Partners. Angello’s vision is that, through combining the work of an investment fund and a development foundation, they can bring transformation in families and communities through creating employment and supporting growing businesses.

One of their key objectives will be that through the investment fund, investment can be made into SMEs in nations of Eastern Europe so that through companies growing and employment being created, transformation will come.

An initial pilot project has just launched in Moldova and investors are being sought for the investment company.

Further information is available from Malcolm Johnston by email, or you can contact the TBN office to be introduced.

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