VC company buys into TBN business in Palestine



Jerry Marshall – TBN Partner and Transcend Support founder

Jerry Marshall – TBN Partner and Transcend Support founder

The Palestine Investment Fund has bought a substantial minority stake in the Bethlehem call centre established by Jerry Marshall and two colleagues last year. The business, Transcend Support was conceived during a TBN expo trip, as a way to provide jobs, skills and exports unaffected by border closure, building on the high level of education and language skills in Bethlehem.

The company provides bilingual English-Arabic voice services to businesses serving the Gulf states. Customers include a regional mobile phone company, and US telephone translation company, and a UK exhibitions business with a base in Dubai. The business has started a new sector in the Palestine economy, and, with the additional investment, expects to be employing around 200 in 2 years’ time.

It’s an excellent example of a bold and successful solution to employment using business to alleviate poverty in the Middle East.

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