Trihealth – Community Healthcare Management



Some of you will recall the REACH project pilot. TBN Partner Martin Morse is looking to take it to the next stage. He writes: “The REACH pilot programme (Responsible, Empowering, Accessible Community Healthcare) set out to explore how healthcare could be delivered sustainably to poor rural communities in India. Based on valuable lessons learned through this pilot, we now want to develop a healthcare membership model, where members pay a regular fee in exchange for affordable, quality and comprehensive health services through the participating network of health providers.  The model will also develop an integrated IT platform to manage transactions and will gather valuable membership data to better understand the health needs of the population. The project is currently at the design and preparation stage, and we are seeking initial seed funding (approx £70k).”

If you would like more information on the project contact Martin on [email protected] or 07747 828774.

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