The Climate of Impact Investing – Nexi Report



This article on Nexii talks about the critical stage Impact Investing is at, the hurdles that need to be overcome to develop it into a proper mainstream asset class, and the steps we need to take now to get there.


The constellation of peoples, planet and profit, have endured cyclical patterns of instability and prosperity forever. It is part of the circle of life. Resilience and perseverance sustain societies during stretches of instability, until the fresh pioneering environmental, political, or economic alternatives are adopted by the mainstream. Just as perennials recover gradually in late winter before spring, innovative economic solutions globally are budding against the lingering frost of the extreme volatility of the past five years. Despite this sub-optimal climate, determined thought leaders continue to sow investment in positive impact entities, entities that place equivalent emphasis on profit maximization as well as the delivery of social and environmental impact as a viable future engine for economic growth and development.

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