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Moving On

When I made the transition from TBN Partner to TBN staff in 2007 I committed to the role for 5 years. Nearly 5 years on, I feel I have reached by ‘best before’ date.

I am pleased to have been part of a movement that has successfully brought recognition to the value of “triple bottom line” business in alleviating poverty. And most importantly, lives have been changed. I have enjoyed my role and time at TBN, especially advising Members and Partners with their projects.

As for many organisations 2011 has been a tough year, but over the 5 years the number of projects and contacts have doubled. Our web site has developed into a resource centre with case studies and materials and we can interact via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (thanks in no small measure to Harrison). And internally a switch to Salesforce as our main contact database means we can operate as a virtual office.

I will be moving on, on the 31 March. At this point there is nothing specific I’m moving to, however I will be developing the Palestine call centre business and will continue to work with other TBN members interested in this area. I’m also moving on from my HS2 campaign role and although I hope my campaigning and media activities will open new opportunities, I’m moving on in faith and seeking guidance for the next stage. I choose the adventure of living not the safety of existing!

– Jerry Marshall

A big thank you to Jerry on behalf of all the partners, members and trustees.

hope you will agree with me that Jerry has made a significant contribution to TBN. We are very grateful for his commitment and contribution to the movement.I am sure you will join me in giving him a big THANK-YOU.

Our mission of using enterprise to eradicate extreme poverty is a ‘marathon’ race and requires endurance and persistence. Jerry has shown these strengths and has played a key role in consolidating our start up phase and maintaining TBN over nearly 5 years and leaves us in good stead and with a platform on which we can now continue to build.

As Jerry has said he will continue as a TBN member and continue with his initiatives in Palestine. So we look forward to his updates and continued Network contribution…We also want to wish him well as he explores new areas to invest his skills, especially those gained in his recent high profile campaigning re the HS2.

The Next Steps Forward in 2012.

As we presented at the Members day as well as further developing the UK and our Impact Fund strategy, our next steps involve creating international momentum and extending the Network community.

As part of our continued growth we will be establishing the Network internationally. As part of this vision we are planning on partnering with key contacts to run TBN Conferences in South Africa, Kenya, Singapore/ Indonesia and of course London. These events will enable us to launch and catalyse TBN groups in areas where we have already received strong initial support and requests to cooperate further.

To achieve these goals we are identifying and recruiting an International Network Coordinator who will assist us in this new stage. If you are interested in applying for this role, please email your interest and forward your resume to [email protected]. Harrison, who has been well trained by Jerry, will continue as the Operations Manager and, through social media and other tools, will enable you to connect with your areas of interest and passion.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank you all, for being prepared to be ‘activists’ in our mission to eradicate extreme poverty through enterprise. Together we are ‘being the change that is needed’ one job and life at a time…

– Stuart McGreevy, Chairman

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