Article: Taking Corporate Social Responsibility to the next level



Article from the - Corporate responsibility expert Malcolm Scovil believes he has found a way to keep his workforce motivated and benefit the wider community.

“Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is finally being seen as a direct driver of revenue growth and profitability. This represents a huge shift from the old days when companies just made a donation to a local charity and that was that. The good news for those of us that work in corporate responsibility is that the issues related to better governance are steadily rising up the corporate agenda. A recent report from consultants Ernst and Young estimates that social and environmental corporate issues affecting companies now makes up half of all shareholder resolutions.

Yet questions remain. Social enterprises, whose very existence is based on the notion that they must exist for the betterment of society, often regard CSR as responsibility light – a cosmetic or even spin exercise that doesn’t achieve much. On the other hand, CSR is often questioned by mainstream businesses. They ask what will it do for their organisation and how engaging employees through skills-based volunteering, environmental actions and other activities will add value to their bottom line. [...] “

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