Report from Nimbus on solar-tech businesses in child-headed families



Great report from TBN member, Paul Leppitt of Nimbus, on his recent trip to Teso, Uganda and the impact solar technology is having on child-headed families’ ability to support themselves through sustainable business.

“Each family was provided with four [ToughStuff solar] panels and kits to enable mobile phone charging services. They will be able to charge 500/- for each charge, taking up to 2 hours on a solar panel (depending on the state of the battery). As a method of income generation it has the possibility of generating around 6000/- per day, considerably more than can be earnt by manual labour (which is only around 2000/- per day in the locality). If the business works as expected, then the income generated will be able to support repayments for the equipment and enable the business to be rolled out to other similar families in different locations.”

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