Mentoring social entrepreneurs and their social ventures



“Mentoring social entrepreneurs helps to develop important financial skills”

Article from the Guardian’s Social Enterprise Network on mentoring social entrepreneurs. Read the article here ». Mentors and mentees alike said that the mentoring process was invaluable and helped them a great deal.

However, It’s tempting to think that our business skills are all that we need to help other people. TBN run training days and many attendees said it was only when they went to the business mentoring training day last year that they fully realised there are some real skills in helping someone else develop their business. There are specific skills and a structured approach which it’s very important to pick up and we’d encourage anyone interested in the very rewarding activity of helping and developing others to attend the TBN business training day which we are running again due to the success of the first.

You can find more detail of the Business Mentoring Training Day on 17th June here »

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