Katwe training update



Mike Clargo brought us an amazing update from the business training programs in Kampala. A survey was carried out to review the efficiency of training completed in April and May 2011. In this time 252 people completed the training course, 25% of which started a new business, 51% say they can run their existing business better, and the amount of jobs being sustained by these entrepreneurs’ businesses increased by 54%.

The majority of the trainees said that the course had both inspired them to start or expand a business (many of whom were not in work at all before), and had taught them financial skills allowing them to regularly save.

Some comments from the trainees:

“I lacked a lot of business skills. I thought you set up a business for your problems, and as a result all my businesses were collapsing. But I’ve learnt that you have to pay for what you get out of your business. After the training I re-started and now my businesses are doing well.” – Namugosa Aminah (sucessfully growing mushrooms)

“I had an idea but never knew how to impliment it. I almost gave up but not anymore! Now I look at a bright future, thanks to you.” – Ongom Langom Ensious (now running a furniture making buisness)

“Before the training life was not good. I was not doing anything for a living, but thanks to the training not any more. Life has changed so much for the better. I can now take care of myself and my family [and] I’m able to save almost every day.” – Jennifer (now running a merchandise shop)

“I used to do my projects but use the revenue for my own things and afterwards I would have to look for capital again. They could have sustained themselves if I had used the money well. Now I’ve learnt to manage my business, for example not using business money for my own problems.” – Kahigimo Levi Ariganyira (rearing birds)

“I never knew how to balance my business and didn’t keep records. As a result attendants had stolen a lot of money from me. But now I know how to keep my records and the business is moving on well. I am able to save money every day.” – Mukasa Noah (runs a recreation centre)

“I had never even thought of doing business, I was just a housewife. When I came for the training I woke up and started this small business of mine.” – Muwanguzi Evelyn (sells parafin)

Existing Challenges:

  • Inadequate capital making it difficult for them to expand their businesses
  • High operational costs because of the double digit inflation and reduced purchasing power from the customers.
  • Some employees are not committed to their work.

Achievements from the training:

  • Ability to save
  • Courage to start businesses
  • Proper record keeping
  • Financial discipline (how to separate personal needs from business finance)
  • Customer care
  • Business planning

The materials used in these training programs is availiable on the TBN website here [http://www.tbnetwork.org/resources/training-materials/business-start-up/]

The original survey document can be downloaded below: __________

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