Is Impact Investing stalling?



There are a lot of funds piling up behind Impact Investing which, as we know, is emerging as an established asset class. In just the last few years Deutsche Bank established a £10 million Impact Investment Fund, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney assembled an Investing with Impact Platform, and Goldman Sachs is experimenting with a controversial impact investment tool called Social Impact Bonds.

But where are all the deals? Social Enterprise Buzz thinks (in this article) that money isn’t leaving investors and getting to social entrepreneurs. Even with big players in this space such as the Acumen Fund and Omidyar Network these numbers are still in the low millions, not the billions predicted. The supply of compelling opportunities isn’t there.

So how can we, as business leaders, help create investment opportunities that will release these funds? This article looks at the example of Husk, a company that was helped to become more attractive to investors, and we’ve previously heard from The Sinapis Group at the 2011 TBN conference (video,slides) about their work in helping enterprises in this situation.

But what do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Email us your responses and thoughts to the article, or start a discussion on theTBN LinkedIn group.

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