Good-Fruit | Young Emerging Christian Influencers



Good-Fruit incubates and supports emerging Christian influencers across various fields helping them create greater impact. They help them create meaningful relationships with like minded peers, provide opportunities for them to meet, discuss their projects or challenges they are facing and gain collective feedback/contribution from other members.

Standing on the shoulders of giants’ is a school of thought adopted at good-fruit, there is an ever going process of learning and mentors pose an opportunity to accelerate that learning process.

As Good-Fruit is community based organisation with leaders from various fields ranging politics, art, business and church ministry and they are seeking mentors interested in supporting young emerging leaders.

Good-Fruit are also currently developing business ideas that engage culture in an innovative way and are calling investors, entrepreneurs and businesses who have knowledge, expertise and contacts within cosmetics, fashion and retail to support their growing team of young entrepreneurs as they develop a niche fashion brand which produces fragrances and travel wear.

a)      Investors can expect to gain a strong equity stake and return in the new company.
b)      Businesses will benefit from partnership and increase in brand awareness across the UK
c)      Entrepreneurs can expect growth, challenge and business trajectory.
d)      Mentors will have the fulfilment of seeing mentees develop and grow not just within this new company, but across the member base of other members.

For more details on investment, partnership, and mentoring opportunities please email co-founder Anthony at [email protected]

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