First impact investments into Moldova



Angello Capital Partners

Malcolm Johnston of Angello Capital Partners – whose work in Moldova we heard about at last year’s Members Day conference – updated us of their impressive progress over the last year. Since presenting to us they have raised over $1m and have deployed funds for their first investments. The businesses they have invested in include: a heating, water and ventilation systems business; a food processing business; and a logistics business.

Just one of these businesses alone will create around 55 skilled jobs – including apprenticeships for young men in rural Moldovan communities – plus a vast improvement of water and waste infrastructure in poorer regions.

Angello was founded by a group of determined individuals who have had an enormous impact on this part of the world. If you are interested in witnessing more transformational business then be sure to join us at this year’s Partners Day conference.

Angello Investor Report – Sep 2012
Angello Investor Report – Sep 2012
Angello Investor report Sept12.pdf

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