Ethical Stationary for Education



Ethical StationaryTBN member Duncan Parker, MD of Ethical Goods, has just launched a new line of ethical stationary, the sales of which support educational projects in Africa. He says “I wonder whether you have ever considered buying Ethical Stationery rather than using the same old suppliers each year whose product benefits no-one but themselves.
Here at Ethical Goods we’ve developed a fashionable range of pens, notebooks, stationery packs, I-pod cases and laptop bags that genuinely make a difference. That is because 25% of the retail price of each product goes to Plan UK to support educational projects for children in sub-Saharan Africa. Quite simply you buying goods from Ethical Stationery allows kids to have an educational start in Africa. And our idea has already been brilliantly received; Channel 4’s Battlefront programme, highlighting campaigners on a mission, has thrown its whole hearted support behind the project as our website will tell you.

I’d love you to take a look at the site – it’s at And perhaps have a think about whether you could buy your notebooks and pens from us to help an incredibly important cause.”

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