Article: Can social entrepreneurship ever be taught?



Article from the - Business entrepreneurs don’t just need bright ideas to succeed, tangible skills such as planning and analysis are also key.

“Often, I am asked: can you teach social entrepreneurship? I think what people mean when they ask me this is: can you give future entrepreneurs their business ideas? Can you teach light bulbs? Of course not.

If someone doesn’t have the ambition, curiosity and unrelenting need to get to the metaphorical “there” (wherever there is for them), of course, we as educators cannot help. To some extent, this is why globally higher education programmes for social entrepreneurship remain few and far between. It’s not for everybody.

What we can teach are tangible skills – how to analyse the environment around you for opportunities – political and economic ones. We can teach business planning, financial literacy and how to measure your social and environmental impact. We can expose students to critical theories, as well as how to use notions of precariousness and being on the outside as places of power. [...] “

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