Memories from an expo. to Nigeria



John Hattam gives some of his thoughts and memories from a training visit to Owerri and Gombe, Nigeria

  • The almost heartbreaking gap between aspiration and reality, for example the wooden shack with the sign “Gombe Global International Management Consultancy”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but in a small way we were giving people the tools to compete and move forward a little.
  • The opportunity to engage with people at a level you can never achieve as a tourist. We were invited to a child dedication for example, where we were included in the photos and asked to make an impromptu speech.
  • Being received by the Mei Tangle, the local ruler, on his throne.
  • Being called to the front of the cathedral by the bishop to be prayed for by 600 people.
  • The beauty of the countryside, classic savannah ‘Out of Africa’ land and sitting outside on a warm night with a Coke during a power cut and enjoying the sky with no light pollution.
  • Other memories: Menus offering ‘point and kill’ for fresh fish from the tank; the way the training certificates were treasured; the juice stall called ‘Sejuice’; the nice young lady that came to chat to me and then being told my brother that she was looking for clients!

“You only do not know the extent you have helped us. Thank you so very much. You
know it is just not possible for anyone to go through TBN course and still stay put”
(Email from one of the organisers)

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Nigeria 'library'

Nigerian 'library'

One of the places John visited was a seminary with a very small number of dog-eared books. If you have any good Christian books, John can make sure they get to Nigeria. Contact us if you can help and we will put you in touch.

Photos from the trip

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