Expo Trips 2013



Historical city of Petra, Jordan – just one of the amazing sites this expo will give you the opportunity to experience

Expos (or exposure trips) are one of the most important and exciting parts of many members & partners journey with TBN. Seeing the scandal of poverty first hand and being part of businesses and projects that are making a real, sustainable impact is an enriching and life-changing experience, plus you’ll experience new culture and new opportunities.

TBN is running a number of expo trips in the first half of this year. We strongly encourage you to make going on an expo your New Year’s resolution so get in touch and let us know which expo you’re interested in.

Bolivia – planned for 2013

John Fleetwood, TBN Partner and Director of The Cochabamba Project, is leading an expo to Bolivia. The trip will visit the Cochabamba Project on the fringes of the Bolivian Amazon. The project works with over 1000 farmers helping them to manage their plots more sustainably, improve their agricultural practices, increase access to market, and is reforesting 1400 hectares with diverse native hardwoods. Their business models creates an economic incentive for farmers to avoid further deforestation and  shares profits with farmers, potentially tripling their income (in addition to all the other benefits of training).

This expo trip gives an opportunity to see the farms and farmers in person, gain an understanding of a complex and successful project, meet technical advisors in the field and to apply your skills and knowledge to the task of improving operations and expanding into other products.

The trip is between 10-14 days and will include seeing two national parks first hand, a trek along the Inca Trail and experiencing Andean culture at La Paz.
Contact us on [email protected] if you’re interested.

Kenya – January 2013 (update)

TBN Chairman Stuart McGreevy is running an expo later this month to Kenya. We told you about this trip late last year and it is now fully subscribed and going ahead. Watch this space for updates from Stuart on the East Africa projects they are visiting and developing.

If you’re particularly interested in Kenya and want to find out how you can use your skills and resources to expand on the work that will be started on this expolet us know and we will update you on the group’s return.

Zimbabwe – June 2013

Long-standing TBN Member John C. Richards is running an expo to Zimbabwe to visit identified potential entrepreneurs needing skills & capital. Although this trip is fully subscribed please let us know if you’d be interested in joining in case spaces become available. If you’d be interested in going, or if you want to be kept informed of the opportunities to get involved arising from this trip and the contact with new entrepreneurs, let us know and we’ll make sure you get updates from John and his team.

Are you running an expo? Want to?

If you’re planning on visiting projects or businesses overseas and could or would like to take other Members & Partners of TBN please get in touch and we will get the word out. This is a great opportunity to introduce others to what you’re involved in, access additional skills and resources for the business opportunities you’re developing, and gives back to the Network to give more people first hand experience of the difference business can make to poverty.

If you’re running an expo or would like to please get in touch now.

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