Expo to Kenya with TBN Chairman, Stuart McGreevy – Jan/Feb 2013



Stuart is going to Nairobi, Kenya from January 30th/31st to 4th February and will be visiting growing enterprises that are bringing significant triple-bottom-line returns. These include Beacon of Hope, Kibera slum-based businesses and others. The focus is on building scalable business opportunities.

As TBN Chairman Stuart is a passionate promoter of expos and has helped successful transformational businesses in Kenya. This is an opportunity to get an enriching first-hand exposure both to emerging enterprise opportunity but also to accompany a champion of transformational business.

  • Approx cost Flight: £700
  • Accommodation, Food and Travel Expenses: £300
  • Additional R&R budget for safari excursion: £300

There are currently just 5 available places remaining – priority will go to existing or newly signed TBN Partners. If you’re interested please get in touch with us on [email protected]

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