The following vacancies are currently open.

TBN Kenya

TBN & Acuity Capital – Executive Assistant to The Chairman – Based in Kenya

A unique opportunity to work for a successful Entrepreneur establishing an East African Financial Services Group, whilst working with him and his many Charities including Transformational Business Network and The Kings Rugby Development Academy.

To register your interest and submit your application please apply here.


Communications Consultant

Are you a digital marketing and communications expert? Can you help us mobilise our supporters? Organisations or individuals may apply. Please review the job description and apply by 30th June.

Support our entrepreneurs

Food Technologist – Burton and Bamber, Kenya

Burton and Bamber are a food technology company which produce Sweetunda, a range of healthy snacks made from dried fruit. They are seeking a seasoned food technologist who can help them improve and develop their products. Initial engagement would be for a 2 – 3 month period and will require travel to Kenya. 

  1. Review and improve existing Sweetunda product range
  2. Develop new fruit and vegetable rolls using local ingredients, considering variants such as spices, sweetened, and/or using super foods to boost nutritional values
  3. Develop a broader range of products from locally sourced ingredients
  4. Commercialize new products from development stage through to full production and into the retail market.      

If you believe that you could support them to achieve their objectives then contact CEO Jonathan Bamber

Mentor -  ACTS Travel and Tourism, Kenya (volunteer)

ACTS is a kingdom-minded group of companies operating across Southern and Eastern Africa in a variety of niche travel, hospitality and education ventures. The Managing Director of the ACTS group is seeking mentorship from someone with experience in 1) effectively scaling a business, tying in the complexities around investment strategies, financial models and building/maintaining a healthy balance sheet, 2) how to effectively measure and increase kingdom, social and environmental impact and 3) supporting the personal leadership growth of the MD. If you 

If you could believe provide this mentorship then please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Business Development – HandinHand Group, Kenya

The HandinHand Group manages the facilities for Daystar University, a leading Christian institute in East Africa. They are looking for an experienced and entrepreneurial business development expert who can support the local team to grow their business and increase their impact. This would involve being based in Kenya for a 3 – 6 month period. If this challenge is for you then contact CEO Grant Smith [email protected]