The following vacancies are currently open. 

TBN International

Investment Director

TBN is seeking an experienced Investment Director with the skills, values and passion to make a difference. TBN acts as a broker for its portfolio of purpose-driven entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia to help them secure investment. Its ambition is to grow its network of investors (angels, funds, banks) and mobilise investment programmes, including its own funds, to become the lead early-stage financier of transformational businesses. 

Read the full job description and learn more about TBN here. Apply by 4th January 2019 to [email protected]

TBN East Africa

Assistant Training and Coaching Manager

TBN East Africa is seeking a vibrant trainer and coach with the skills to transform businesses by supporting early-stage impact businesses to make a difference. If you are passionate about creating social impact through business, send your application and CV to [email protected] by 30th October 2018. For more information, please see the job description. This is a Kenyan based job. 

Currently no vacancies available.