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Is your business struggling to stay afloat during this COVID-19 crisis? Have your finances taken a hit? Are you struggling with issues such as working capital, staffing, and sales? Then this program is for you! TBN has developed a new innovative model and curriculum, adapted to the demands of this new 'normal', and aims to help you and your business weather the storm and come out stronger. This new program will help you build business resilience and continuity amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The first three months of the program will be broken down as follows:

  • Month 1: A systematic approach that will take you through understanding the reality that your business is currently facing
  • Month 2: You will dig into the practical interventions to put in place to adjust to these challenges including; reviewing your business model, re-evaluating your Unique Value Proposition, your customers in this time, how to adapt your revenue streams, and cost structures.
  • Month 3: You will look at realigning your business systems to maximise on available opportunities. After the three-month Recovery and Continuity program, you will then proceed into an additional three months of training and coaching - focusing on how to grow and scale your business beyond this time of business survival. Key topics that will be covered include boot camps on HR, Sales, Marketing, Legal and taxation, and Service excellence. You will also cover financial management and investor readiness training where you will learn how to develop great pitch decks and how to pitch your business well. The program will culminate with a pitching competition where we will allow you to participate amongst your peers!

The sessions will take a virtual and interactive approach that combines small group online teaching sessions and one-on-one coaching. Interested?

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