London TBG Gathering

We are starting a new London Transformational Business Group for those working in central London, meeting after work with an opportunity for a drink or bite to eat. The essence of this event is to bring together TBN members and some other interested parties, then to continue on a regular basis of around 6- 8 week intervals. This is an opportunity for people to connect with like minded people and be re- energised and potentially share learning and resources.

Please RSVP on the event’s page at

Venue information:

[map w="400" h="300" z="15" address="95 Chancery Ln, Westminster, London WC2A 1DA" marker="yes"  infowindow="<p><strong>The Knights Templar pub</strong><br />95 Chancery Lane<br />Westminster<br />London<br />WC2A 1DA</p>"]

TBN has local groups in many parts of the UK; also groups mainly based in the UK but focussing on particular countries (e.g. Zimbabwe, Ghana) and groups in other part of the world (e.g. TBN Gulf in Dubai; the California bay area). We can advise you of your nearest group when you join or help you set up a group in your area.

Contact us if you want to be joined up with or start a group in your area.

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