TBN National Conference 2011

  • Friday, 20 May 2011
  • Congress Centre, London

“Impact Entrepreneurship”
The TBN National Conference 2011
20 May 2011 9.15 – 4pm
Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell St, London W1CB 3LS

As a business or professional person, your skills can have an impact on the neediest areas of the world.

Through mentoring and coaching emerging entrepreneurs, or investing in small and medium sized enterprises, you can bring transformation and combat poverty.

The TBN 2011 National Conference will focus on entrepreneurship with transformational impact. Join us to:

  • Hear inspiring examples and practical resources that will support your own entrepreneurship or enhance your role in enabling entrepreneurs
  • Network with business leaders.
  • Discover how your business and professional skills and / or your company can make a difference.

The 2010 event was sold out and we had to turn delegates away. Book now to reserve your place!


Nick O’Donohoe, JP Morgan Global Head of Research, author of the JP Morgan report on Impact Investments

Nick is the senior sponsor for the firms Social Finance Unit, which invests in and delivers capital markets services to Microfinance Institutions and other Social Enterprises around the world.

He has BA in Mathematical Economics and Statistics from Trinity College, Dublin and an MBA from Wharton. Along with his roles at JP Morgan he is also a board member of the Global Impact Investing Network.

Sev Vetivetpillai, CEO Aureos Advisers Ltd.

Aureos is a specialist emerging-market private equity firm providing capital to build next-generation sustainable and responsible businesses that apply good environmental, social and governance practices.

Sev Vetivetpillai first trained as a Civil Engineer then later as a chartered Financial Analyst. He gained nearly a decade of experience in making private equity investments prior to being appointed Investment Director and later CEO of Aureos.

Mark Florman, CEO BVCA and Vice Chairman 8 Mile Fund

The 8 mile fund is a commercial, pan-African private equity fund that Florman manages and co-founded with Bob Geldof.

Mark has worked in investment banking and private equity for over 25 years. Prior to his appointment as CEO of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) Mark held a number of high-level positions in various corporations and has been active in politics. He advised the UK Conservative Party on strategy and financing, and was recently elected Chairman of the Centre for Social Justice, the leading UK policy think tank that addresses the causes of poverty in Europe.

Audrey Selian, CEO Rianta Capital

Audrey has a particular interest in sustainable, socially-oriented investments in emerging markets and currently works at Rianta Capital specializing in social investments in India. She also works in an advisory capacity to Marmanie, an impact investment and advisory firm that assists organisations deliver financial, social and environmental returns.

Audrey has a background in management consulting and holds a PhD in Technology Policy & Development Studies from The Fletcher School, as well as degrees from The London School of Economics and Wellesley College.

Gavin McGillivray, Head of Private Sector Department, DFID

The Private Sector Dept. was setup in 2010 to develop DFID’s engagement with the private sector. It intends to deepen DFID’s capability to work with and enable private enterprise to improve the prosperity and well-being of poor people.

Gavin has previously headed up other departments in DFID and prior to that he managed long-term agricultural development programmes in Bolivia, Honduras, Colombia and the Caribbean. During this time he spent 8 years in London as an Executive Director of finance house Campbell Lutyens & Co Ltd.

Charles Donald,  Gulf TBN and Intentional Enterprise Group

Inspired by the May 2010 conference, Charlie returned to Dubai to set up TBN Gulf. As a senior construction professional he has established the ‘Intentional Enterprise Group’, a for-profit social enterprise which aims to fight poverty by providing sustainable employment, education and vocational training, focussing on the design and construction of eco-friendly, buildings in Africa using rammed earth and other appropriate construction techniques and technologies. The Group is also providing program management to a number of projects in India.

Livingstone Mukasa, Clean Consult

Livingstone came from extreme rural poverty before moving to a Kampala slum to study and later to work. After working as a laundry manager he set up his own cleaning business which prospered despite an accident that left him disabled and without compensation to cover heavy hospital costs. With investment from TBN members, his business grew from 15 to 35 employees in 2010 and he delivers the TBN business start up training course on a voluntary basis around Uganda every month.