Members Day Conference 2010

  • Saturday, 20 November 2010
  • 8:45am
  • Moor Hall, Cookham, Berks, SL6 9QH

The TBN Members’ Day Conference is the highlight of the year and this year we are introducing new features.

Our aims are to celebrate what we have achieved, share ideas and resources, make connections within the network and involve you in our strategy development.

The (provisional) outline for the day is as follows:


Time Item
8:45 Registration, coffee and networking
9:15 Update on TBN and celebrate what we have achieved; Q&A.
9:45 External perspective – Hugo Sintes, Enterprise Development Programme, Oxfam. Hugo manages an initiative that supports, nurtures and invests in early-stage rural SMEs in developing countries.
10:15 Case studies, including lessons learned

  • Martin Geake, Send a Cow
  • John Singleton, Lifeline
  • David Taylor, Untangled
11:00 Coffee & networking
11:30 Forthcoming ‘Expo’ trips
11:50 Resource Market Place: ‘open mic’ session giving members one minute to offer or ask for resources
12:10 Open Space: present your big idea or gather round the idea that you are most interested in
13:00 Lunch and networking


Time Item
14:15 Wisdom café: have a role in TBN thinking and strategy through a creative and stimulating externally facilitated process to help to contribute your thinking and experience, listen for patterns, connect ideas and also help you network with fellow members.
16:15 Summing up
16:30 Close

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