Entrepreneur accelerator: Scale For Success

Would you like to impact your community, but you’re struggling to develop a profitable business model? Would you like to build a winning team, but you don’t know how to attract top talent to your business?

Then Scale for Success, a six-month accelerator program, is the right place for you. Experienced consultants and entrepreneurs will work intensively with you to bootstrap your business. Together we will take your financial management to the next level, build a bulletproof marketing strategy and refine your investor pitch.

  • Expert Coaching. Receive business growth coaching from experienced business coaches and consultants.
  • Scaling Strategy. Learn how to scale your business through our customised training sessions.
  • Financial Skills. Master financial skills to unlock previously untapped growth potential.
  • Purpose-Driven Community. Be part of an exclusive community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Join Scale for Success to learn how to lead your business with integrity and transform society. We fight poverty in a sustainable way.


Meet Josephine, Founder of Olivelink:

Deeply moved by the deplorable living conditions in Nairobi’s Sinai slum, Josephine founded Olivelink Healthcare to make quality healthcare services available to the community that lives on less than a dollar a day. Olivelink joined the Scale for Success and TBN helped her to develop a profitable business model and to secure investment that allowed her to open a second clinic. Read the full story here →