Ecomaji East Africa

Kim Wanjihia is an adventurous individual. He had a chance to do his undergraduate degree in Australia where he graduated with a Bachelors’ in marketing and advertising. During this time, he worked in the construction industry and which laid the foundations for years to come.

Coming back to Kenya in 2008, Kim was met with severe drought conditions. He recalled a documentary he watched while abroad about water recycling and knew that Kenya needed a solution. After a couple of years of trial and error, meeting numerous dead-ends, Ecomaji was born.

Despite strong international partnerships it was a tough start. Two years in and the company had no money. However, thanks to support of friends, family and some wise mentors, Kim was able to adjust his marketing strategy and the business grew from 5 million Ksh to 50 million Ksh.

Ecomaji sought to develop and implement sustainable financial strategies that would help finance stock purchasing and build partnerships with local distributions companies. ‘Good relationships are critical to success’ says Kim.

Joining the TBN Scale for Success program was a step towards this and the 6 months training that Kimutia went through had a major impact on business at Ecomaji. “We had to develop a focus on structure since doing the same thing and expecting different results wasn’t helping.” The program provided a wider perspective and encouraged entrepreneurs to critically analyze their businesses. “We realized we were just doing things and hadn’t documented processes. We therefore identified weak points and addressed them.” With an in-depth discussion about the importance of people, the program put Ecomaji in a position to clarify tasks and responsibilities allowing the team to deliver improved efficiency.

Ecomaji has grown internally since the program commenced and qualified as one of the enterprises that will meet with investors as the program comes to a close.

Passionate in supplying wastewater treatment equipment, bio-gas and renewable energy.