Interested? Find out what happens during the six-months at Scale for Success:

Scale for Success is designed to accelerate your business growth. There is plenty of free, generic advice on the internet on how to grow a business, but none of it is unique to your business. We exist to change this. 

Why we are different?

Action learning Once a month you will get together with our experts and other high potential entrepreneurs for a full day or two of engagement. We utilise the Lean Methodology which is behind the success of Silicon Valley. Together we will identify the growth challenges and actions to be taken to enable your business to scale. 

Expert coaching Premier League footballers need a coach to push them to peak performance - so do you. You will work with your personal coach on a monthly basis. and They’ll provide expertise, advice and help you set action goals. Our coaches have received a 95 % satisfaction rate. 

Global High Potential Community Entrepreneurship can be a lonely marathon. You need peers who can encourage and inspire you, provide advice on the challenges you face and open doors to new opportunities. By joining S4S you gain access to a global community of high potential entrepreneurs, impact investors and other potential partners to help you and your business grow.

TBN Scale for Success Overview

Month 1 - Personal Growth & Business Identity 

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Do you want your employees to rally around a shared vision? Great leaders build great teams. We help entrepreneurs to grow their attitude, discipline and character - because great leaders build great teams which create great businesses. That’s why we kick-off Scale for Success with - You. 

Month 2 - Strategy & Business Model 

Is your business strategy delivering rapid market growth? We will help you rethink your business model and create a winning business plan and strategy. Many of our S4S businesses have made radical changes to their business model as a result and significantly grown their revenues.

Month 3 - Pre-Requisites for Scaling

Are you serious about scaling your business? We have seen many entrepreneurs running their businesses on gut instincts. This will take your business only so far. Effective systems will allow you to streamline and automate your business growth and unleash untapped growth potential.

Month 4 - Bootcamp

Do you have sales, marketing, finance, HR and legal experts on your team? Probably not - but we can help you tap into that expertise without breaking the bank. During our two-day bootcamp we will zero in on the core functions of your business and you’ll learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and experts with deep knowledge in each of these areas. From efficiently managing your cashflow, to attracting and retaining top talent, or supercharging your marketing strategy - your real business needs will be addressed.

Month 5 - Financial Management & Investor Readiness 

Does your bottom line make you smile? This two-day session will help you achieve immediate revenue growth through cost savings and better financial management.

Do you want to attract investment to grow? Is your business investment-ready? We have over 15 years experience working with a network of impact investors such as angel investors, venture capital investors and others. Our network of investors will share what they are really looking for in your business. We will analyse your business to help you understand if you’re ready to take on investment and help you develop an investment strategy. 

Month 6 - Implementation Plan

Our last day of training will bring the learnings of the previous six months together. This session will equip you with a highly actionable business plan so you can go out and apply what you’ve learned.  

Post Scale for Success Support 

Congratulations! After 6 months’ hard work you are now ready to scale and achieve the success you’ve dreamed of. But the journey doesn’t stop there. 

Investment Raising

15 years of investing in Africa has taught us that the investment process can be long and strenuous. Our investment team provides bespoke investment advisory services to facilitate the whole process. We will not only assist you with your financial modelling and valuation but also help you determine the optimal capital requirements and structures. 

Networking and Insight Opportunities

As a Scale for Success graduate you will get the unique opportunity to attend our Impact Investment conferences in Uganda and Kenya. Connect with impact investors from across the world during networking sessions, build partnerships with other businesses or pitch your business to a panel of investors at our pitching competition.

Scale for Success Alumni 

The reality of entrepreneurship is as romantic as chewing glass. Continue the journey with a support community of other high potential entrepreneurs passionate about transforming society. We’ve created this community because we strongly believe that we can’t overcome obstacles on our own. We hold regular workshops and events throughout the year.

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