Dr Kim Tan, TBN co-founder and trustee was recently honoured with the Beacon Award for Impact Investment. Beacon exists to recognise the achievements of inspirational and diverse philanthropists who are pioneering approaches to giving and changing the world. The Awards are sponsored by JP Morgan, Pears Foundation and City of London.

Biochemist Dato Dr. Kim Tan is a champion for the role of enterprise in tackling poverty having founded Transformational Business Network (TBN). Over the past 15 years, TBN has mobilised a global network of impact investors and purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have created jobs and lifted tens of thousands of people out of poverty.

Dr. Kim is also the Chairman of SpringHill Management, a fund management company specialising in life sciences and social venture capital investing, as well as a partner of several impact funds.

One of his investments is Kuzuko Game Reserve, a 39,000 acre site which has transformed an impoverished community in Eastern Cape, South Africa into a new tourst destination. The reserve is the largest contributor to the local economy, providing over 350 jobs and career training for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The site also protects three endangered species. The local Mayor called Dr. Kim 'a catalyst of social transformation'.

Kuzuko is just one venture in the portfolio of INQO, Dr. Kim’s social impact investment company that invests in enterprises tackling poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Others include Bee Sweet Honey, which provides 12,000 farmers in Zambia with the means to produce organic honey; and Spekboom, a project replanting 14,000 hectares of the plant of the same name, creating over 150 jobs and restoring degraded land in the Eastern Cape.