Applications for Scale for Success are reviewed within 48 hours of completion. The application should meet our minimum requirements as outlined on our criteria page. Applications are also reviewed depending on the scalability and investability of your business. Always ensure that you clearly explain your product / service and your business model. Is there potential to grow and scale? Can your business model be replicated in similar markets? 

An entrepreneur’s character goes a long way in the day to day running of the business. We evaluate what are their beliefs, the values they stand for and how they relate with different parties as they conduct business.

All applications are reviewed within a week, and each applicant gets an email notification on whether they proceeded to the visit stage or not. For those that don’t, they get a detailed email outlining reasons as to why they did go through. We then schedule site visits for the businesses that go through to get a clearer understanding of the business, the entrepreneur and the product or service they’re offering. We will also collect copies of the prerequisite documentation (as earlier communicated) while assessing risk mitigation measures during the visit. After the site visit, we will notify you within 24 hours whether or not you got accepted into the program.