The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated economies around the world, with industries threatening to shut down and unemployment soaring. Reports are coming in that millions in Asia will be driven into poverty, and that poverty levels in some regions could be set back as much as 30 years.

More than ever, we need the hearts and hands of our social enterprise innovators.

Join us for our first virtual conference, bringing together thought leaders, pioneers, and practitioners of social entrepreneurship and impact investment. Collaborate and co-create across the ecosystem to help social enterprises survive and offer their best solutions in the midst of the crisis!

Among the speakers will be Dr Kim Tan, founder of TBN International and pioneer impact investor who will share his journey and experiences. Learn about successes, challenges and impact from Africa and Southeast Asia; including scaling an ‘Uber’ for ambulances in Kenya, creating employment for prisoners in Singapore and creating affordable healthcare in slums.

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Booking for this event has now closed.