Entrepreneurial training and business development in Tanzania

Patrick Ache and entrepreneurial training in Tanzania

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Patrick Ache, a lawyer with Mkono & Co. in Tanzania, has a desire to develop sustainable businesses, mentor entrepreneurs and look into empowering rural communities with information communication technology. He is seeking others to work with, potentially in leading some business training. If you would be interested in helping Patrick or joining him in Tanzania

Aquaid Cartridge Recycling


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Aquaid are developing printer cartridge recycling to support entrepreneurial training through Africa Trust. Do you have cartridges to recycle?

Making Markets Work training programme

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‘Making Markets Work’ – a two-week training programme: 17th – 29th July 2011, Glasgow, UK Closing date for applications: 11th May 2011 This unique programme, run by The Springfield Centre, focuses directly on a key challenge facing governments and development agencies: how to make markets function more effectively for business and for poor people. It is clear

Business Mentoring Day

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TBN is running a training day focussing on skills and practices for mentoring business people, led by David Leeper of DL Associates. Last year’s mentoring training day was very well received so book now to avoid disappointment.

Silulo Ulutho Technologies — IT Training

IT training South Africa

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Silulo bridges the digital divide (beween wealthly areas of Cape Town and the townships) by providing information technology solutions to previously disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape Region and beyond it’s borders. Silulo Ulutho Technologies vision and driving source are three basic concepts: Technology, Knowledge and Empowerment.

Business Mentoring Day

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Last year’s Business Mentoring Training day was very warmly received with enthusiastic comments from delegates and we’re pleased to announce that David Leeper will be leading the course again this year. It will be an important day which will leave you well equipped to support transformational businesses and entrepreneurs. Enter to read more and reserve your place now.

Entrepreneurs Programme

Business start up programme Palestine

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Palestine has high unemployment, thought to be 50% among graduates; movement controls making physical exports difficult; and a lack of hope. But also has good education, especially in business and IT, and a rich Israeli potential market. TeamStart encourages the development of high potential technology based businesses, with links to Israeli technology companies.

Katwe Business Training — Business Training


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Many of the poor had taken out Microfinance loans to establish businesses, and most had paid them back, but many of their businesses had stagnated for easily avoidable reasons concerning customer focus & financial control. This training aims equip people who want to set-up small businesses with the key skills and understanding necessary to sustain their business & make them successful.

Leadership Training

Leadership Australia

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The vision is help corporate entities in the public and private arenas to develop a genuine mid to long term relationship with a development project that they fund with a pre-agreed sum of investment per journey.