Job opportunities from HOPE International network

hope international

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HOPE International is a network of international micro-finance organisations working to break the poverty cycle through financial services and mentoring.

On The Move Travel Tours — Travel & Tours

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On The Move Travel Tours in Kisumu, Kenya expanded due to TBN member capital loans enabling business to buy it’s first vehicle.

Small Loans & Business Training

Small Loans and Business Training, Mongolia

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The MINA micro-finance organisation enables poor [primarily female] people in Mongolia to borrow to start a business to provide food, clothing, housing and education for their family by establishing a loan fund.

Microfinance Programme

Microfinance Lebanon

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Post-war of July/August 2006; many local small businesses (micro-enterprises) were badly affected by the US$ billions of infrastructural damage the south of the country suffered. MRDS-Lebanon, an NGO providing an integrated microfinance (MF) programme, offers both micro/small-loans as well as business-training.