Adding TBN to your social media profiles

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At the TBN Partners Day 2012 we heard from Harrison & Stuart about some quick wins that Members and Partners of TBN can do to increase the effectiveness and impact of their social media profiles. Updating your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles is one of them. The quick tutorials below will how you how to add

Adding TBN to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn example

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This quick tutorial will help you super-charge your LinkedIn page by adding a ‘job’ at TBN to your profile.

LinkedIn resources you may not know


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LinkedIn is in itself, a fantastic resource, but there are many excellent LinkedIn resources you may not know about. Steve Smithson from Talent Genius introduces them to you here.

Social Networking Training

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Whilst we’re sure that 99% of TBN membership rides the cutting edge of what the internet has to offer, for the 1% that don’t have the time to be abreast of the ‘social networking’ phenomenon we have put together some useful information that should give you an introduction to the social networking tools we use, some ideas for how to use them and how you can get involved.