Opportunity to help innovative Bolivia project

training community san juan de saguya, municipality buena vista (december 2011)

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TBN Member John Fleetwood is founding Director of the Cochabamba Project and is seeking skills from TBN members & partners to develop the scale and impact of this project on the poor in Bolivia. The project works with over 1000 farmers helping them to manage their plots more sustainably whilst reforesting the area with diverse

Nut Processing Plant

Nut processing Kenya

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Macadamia farmers have not been paid enough for their produce to sustain a reasonable living. The national companies have been taking advantage of them. The project aims to process and export the world’s first (and only as far as we know) fair trade certified macadamia nuts in order to provide sustainable and stable incomes to macadamia farmers.

Bio Fuels Farm

Jatropha Kenya

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The Jatropha Farm project encourages local farmers to grow jatropha (an oil crop) to use or sell as a kerosene alternative rather than use firewood.