Thank You

Thank you for joining TBN – you are very warmly welcomed.

If you haven’t already done so, please now fill in and return a Membership form:

TBN Membership Application Form (68.5 KiB)

Our hope is that you will find a way to engage with a project, if you have not yet done so, using your particular interests, skills and resources; and that your ability to ‘make a difference’ will be enriching. Your membership contribution also helps us inspire others and support transformational projects.

Key Steps to Engagement

Look out for opportunities on eNews
Signup now for the eNews circulation list. This is a monthly mailing with a list of opportunities, events and resources. There are also occasional ‘ad hoc’ or more specialist mailings. In particular, if you are looking for investment opportunities, let us know and we’ll add you to this list.

Join a TBG
If you have not already done so, we’d encourage you to join a TBG (Transformational Business Group) and get involved in a project as soon as possible. To learn more about TBGs and to be put in touch with your nearest group please visit our TBG page.

Start a TBG
If there are no TBGs near you, please consider gathering some friends or colleagues and starting one yourself. We can help you do this by bringing people together and speaking at an initial meeting.

Take an Expo Trip
Exposure trips or ‘Expos’ are short visits to developing countries. They are a chance to understand local issues, visits existing projects and businesses, begin to identify opportunities and meet potential partners. They are highly motivating, life changing trips to help you engage in a project overseas. For details of forthcoming Expos, keep an eye out on eNews or look for the list on the web site.

We normally have a London Conference in May, a Members Day in November and occasional regional or training events. Look out for details in eNews and on the website.

You may find our LinkedIn group useful to interact with other members. You can also contact the TBN office if you want to be put in touch with others with particular skills or interested in the same geographic area or activity as you.

If you are already involved in a project
Tell us about your project so we can direct you to people / resources; e-mail us a short ‘ad’ with your need for particular skills / resources so these can be listed in eNews; arrange an expo to take people out to the project; and consider upgrading to Partner to receive personal and project support and access to the Partners’ Fund.

We look looking forward to building the TBN movement with you to transform lives, communities and nations.