Corporate Partnership

Poverty is important to your staff and customers.

Massive public response to humanitarian crises such as famine shows that extreme poverty is an issue your staff and customers are concerned about.

But these media events just scratch the surface. Business is the sustainable long term solution to poverty. Businesses create jobs, wealth and the ability to pay for health and education, directly or through taxes. Real jobs provide hope and self esteem, a hand up not a hand out.

Your organisation could be part of a network that brings community transformation through business in some of the poorest parts of the world.

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Your organisation can benefit

As a TBN Corporate Member, your organisation can benefit from:

  • Meeting statutory requirements for reporting Corporate Responsibility
  • Attracting positive publicity, increasing customer loyalty and community relations
  • Increasing staff loyalty and enthusiasm in your business
  • Enhanced staff development and team building
  • Improved perception in public sector tendering.

Corporate Membership – commercial and corporate responsibility benefits

From £400 to £5000 p.a.

  • All TBN Partner benefits for a designated number of staff members (click here for details)
  • Use of TBN Logo
  • A link to a TBN project matched to your business
  • Discount on TBN event sponsorship packages
  • A meeting to discuss aims and ways to use membership to enhance staff and customer loyalty
  • Access to our Teambuilding Programme based around a bespoke corporate ‘Exposure trip’ to a developing country
  • Access to our Management Development Programme for selected senior executives tailored to individual requirements, including overseas visit, training and UK based mentoring or project work.

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Case study: Impey UK

Impey UK are one of the largest UK manufacturers of specialist bathroom equipment and wetrooms, with turnover approaching £20m.

CEO Bruce Grave wanted a way to demonstrate the caring ethos of the company. Through TBN he was introduced to Jo Tan, founder of TouchNature, which provides a safe haven and employment for single women in Nepal, manufacturing hand made soaps and aromatherapy candles. After meeting Jo at a TBN conference in London, a team of senior Impey staff visited TouchNature. The visit confirmed the synergy between the two organisations. Since then Impey has been involved in individual TouchNature projects and in mentoring; TouchNature products are given as a thank you to Impey customers, and avenues for marketing TouchNature products more widely in the UK are being explored.

“We were very impressed with the TouchNature business. Our link with TBN in general and TouchNature in particular is something we refer to in local authority tenders and is viewed very positively by both staff and customers, reinforcing our caring ethos.” (Bruce Grave, Impey UK)