Partnership & Membership

Do you want to have an impact in the neediest areas of the world? Would you like the fulfilment of doing something of significance?

As a business or professional person you have the skills and capability to combat poverty and bring transformation.

Along the way you will network with some amazing people; you will have the most moving and life changing experiences; and you will also have fun and adventure in places well beyond the usual tourist trail.

Perhaps you could do these things by yourself, but together we can share our learning and resources, you can connect with like minded people and be re-energised to fulfil your vision.

Join us!

Corporate Partnership – Multiply the impact and benefits with company involvement

From £500 to £5000 p.a.

Corporate Partnership with TBN offers the following range of services:

  • Profiling of company’s expertise and resources to identify opportunities for engagement in a Project for maximised outcomes
  • Consultation meeting/s with International Network Co-ordinator and /or TBN Trustee
  • Guidance for developing implementation plan and terms of engagement with a Project
  • Proactive referral and liaison to develop strategic partnerships for TBN activity
  • Guidance on maximising value for the company (employee engagement, team morale, public relations, promotional awareness  to customers/clients)
  • Access to our Teambuilding Programme based around a bespoke corporate ‘Exposure trip’ to a developing country
  • Access to our Management Development Programme for selected senior executives tailored to individual requirements, including overseas visit, training and UK based mentoring or project work.
  • Tax advice on maximising the company contribution and saving on tax bill
  • Access to the Partner Area of TBN website showcasing the above

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Individual Partner – Your route to personal engagement

Minimum donation £30 or $48 / month

  • Partnership with TBN offers the following range of services:
  • Personal annual meeting with International Network Co-ordinator and/ or TBN Trustee
  • Personal quarterly update and coaching input
  • Profiling of your skills, expertise and resources to identify ‘best-fit’ opportunities
  • Proactive referral and networking introductions to maximise your involvement
  • Guidance with implementation of initiatives to maximise value and impact
  • Assistance in developing and recruiting for Expo trips
  • Access to Partners’ Loan Fund
  • Access to the Partner Area of TBN website showcasing the above

Note: These services are optional if circumstances mean you want to join up but are not actively looking to implement any of the above.

Join as a UK Partner via standing order

Individual Associate Membership & Student Membership

If you are interested in the activities of Transformational Business Network and want to remain connected without engaging as Partner then consider the Associate Membership or Student option

Individual Associate Membership – ‘entry level’ if you are exploring where you could be involved

Minimum donation £10 or $16 / month

  • Attend expos
  • Attend local groups
  • ‘Advertise’ free in ENews e.g. for investment needs, service offerings or contacts
  • Discount on Members Day fee

Join as a UK Associate Member via standing order


  • Equivalent to a Standard Member
  • Requires verification of student status

Join as a UK Student via standing order

TBN Local groups, UK and Worldwide

TBN has local groups in many parts of the UK; also groups mainly based in the UK but focussing on particular countries (e.g. Zimbabwe, Ghana) and groups in other part of the world (e.g. TBN Gulf in Dubai; the California bay area).

TBGs give an opportunity to network with like-minded people in your area to share experiences and work together on projects. We can advise you of your nearest group when you join or help you set up a group in your area.

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There are also a growing number of TBN sister organisations that we helped launch and that work with us. If you live in Southern Africa, we recommend you consider joining Transformational Business Connections (See for details). There is also an emerging group in Uganda, Transformational Entrepreneurs Network (contact us for details).