Contributing to eNews

Sharing knowledge through eNews

Sharing knowledge is one of the key activities involved in being a TBN Member or Partner, and eNews is one of our main channels for doing so. If you come across a report, story, article or case studies that’s relevant to TBN — or can share your own expertise and experiences by writing an article on a topic or a case study of a project — then please share it with us so the whole Network can benefit.

The better we get at sharing knowledge and best practice the lower the cost of making a difference becomes.

Contributing to eNews

  • Items submitted to eNews should directly relate to business, investment and enterprise combating poverty.
  • They may take the form of reports, articles, links or events that will be of interest to the Network.
  • Submissions to eNews should include: title, brief 2-3 line executive summary explaining the relevance to TBN, link(s) to the content itself, plus any related links or references.
  • If you’re writing your own content (e.g. an article on a topic or a case study) you should still include a title, executive summary and related links, but talk to us about publishing the content itself via our website.
  • As well as being a source of news and information, TBN Members and Partners can use eNews to tell others about their transformational business initiatives and gather people from the Network to collaborate with them.
  • Material that is exclusively promotional or commercial will not be included in eNews.

Got something to contribute?

If you’ve got something to contribute to eNews and share with the Network simply send it to us by email in the following format:

  • Title
  • Executive summary (short paragraph explaining the relevance to business tackling poverty)
  • Link(s) to the content itself
  • Any related links or references

Sharing your own expertise, case studies or experiences

Sharing knowledge is one of the simplest ways you can have an impact right now. We know that TBN Partners have a wealth of knowledge and experience, but it’s not always clear how to package that in a way that others can learn from. If you’ve started or grown a business that impacts the poor, been on an expo trip or have experience and skills in a particular field then please get in touch and we’ll explore with you how to best share that with the Network.